ModPod M01-UniPod - Assembly


These instructions are for the assembly of the M01-UniPod terrain piece, however, since all ModPod buildings are designed with similar parts, the instructions here could easily be used for other ModPod structures with slight modification. That said, we should have instructions for all of our kits or will have them available shortly after release. For a basic introduction to model assembly, please see our article on that subject here.

For everyone else, please cut and sort your parts, and let's get to it!


Before we dive in too deeply, a quick note, In the photo below you'll see the two floor grates pointed out on the roof and base pieces for this kit. As noted in some of the other instructions, you don't need to pop these out if you don't want to, but we do recommend it for when we introduce other kits that use these access hatches. Ultimately, though, it's up to you.

With that said, find the base piece and the two inner walls, and move on to...

Step One

We're going to build the frame of our kit, and we'll begin with the wall section with the door port. It's also identifiable by the notches being pointed out in the photo below.

Apply glue to the edge of the base piece, and slot the wall section into the holes on the base. Note the orientation of the etching on the floor in and the the wall section has the etching facing in.

Repeat these steps with the second wall section with the window.

Step Two

Now to add the upper corner supports.

Apply glue to the slots in the top of the walls and drop one corner support into each. Carefully make sure these are fully inserted and that they are level with each other and parallel with the to the floor.

Step Four

Now it's time to attach the fascia plates.

Starting with the plates that do not have a door or window, apply glue to the back and slot them into place on the side walls, effectively "hiding the crime" of having a seam visible from the outside.

Glue the other non-door/windows plate to the opposite side and use tape or clamps to help square everything up and keep things flush while the glue dries.

Next, use the same process to attach the fascia to the door and window, securing when done until dry.


While the previous steps dry, we'll work on some small bits and detail pieces.

Step Five

Let's work on the removable floor hatches. As mentioned above, you don't need to pop these out of the floor or ceiling pieces to enjoy this kit, but we made them removable to accommodate other accessories that could slot in their place.

Each hatch is made of the grate, a top, and a bottom handle.

Start by gluing the bottom handle to the grate, and then glue to top handle to both of them. Repeat until you're out of hatches.

If you chose not to remove the the grates, just glue the handles directly down to the floor/ceiling and they should stay put.

Step Six

Door and window tracks are up next. This part is fiddly, so pay close attention. If you're not interested in putting in the windows and doors, this part is optional, but you'll be missing out on one of the ModPod's most interesting visual features.

Break your pieces out into organized into the stacks shown below to reduce confusions, then glue one thin rail to the top of a matching flat cap piece. Be sure to align the edges, and be careful not to use too much glue, as it can impact how well the doors and windows slide along the track.

Clamps are a great tool to apply even pressure while these pieces dry, and make for a superior bond.

NOTE: There is a small, but important mistake in the photo below. the rail pictured on the bottom right is not correct. It should be assembled with the small rail part on the bottom. Sorry about the mistake, but we'll get this corrected shortly.

Step Seven

Door and window handles! If you want to forgo doors and windows, you can ignore these pieces. Otherwise, add some dabs of glue to the handles and pop them into the slots before allowing to dry long side down (to make sure the handles adhere).


Now that all of the fiddly bits are together, we can start gluing them to the main body of the build.

Step Eight

Let's get the doors on this unit! As shown in the photo below, you should have one unused rail from a previous construction step. Apply glue to it, and attach it in the place indicated.

Step Nine

Next, let's get this window in place. Start by finding the lower track assembly shown below from the previous steps.

Apply glue to the edge of this rail, and insert it in to the slots below the window, starting with the slot on the long edge and working it into the holes on the other side of the curve. You'll need to apply some pressure to get this in to the last holes, but the corner should flex just enough to let it slide in. Be careful and patient, and if all goes well you'll be rewarded with the very satisfying "pop!" as it clicks into place.

Make sure there's no excess glue in the channel, and then drop the window into the track. It doesn't matter which side face out, but we prefer the long side of the window handle on the outside of the building.

Lastly, apply glue to the upper window cap, and snap it into place just as you did for the lower track.

Make sure the window is still able to move freely in the track, and then clamp or otherwise hold the upper track in place to make sure it's flush and help square up the corner just a bit.

Step Ten

Now we'll finish the door with the same process. Drop in the door, glue on the upper cap, and clamp into place.

Step Eleven

Lastly, we have the step in front of the door. Apply some glue to the edges and them pop into place below the door. You might want to hold or otherwise clamp this down until it dries as well.

Once everything is dry, unclamp/tape everything, and that's it! Drop in the hatches, plonk down the ceiling, and make sure your doors and windows glide freely, and your UniPod is ready to go!