ModPod A03-RiserPod - Assembly


These instructions are for the assembly of the A03-RiserPod accessory for ModPod kits. For a basic introduction to model assembly, please see our article on that subject here.

For everyone else, please cut and sort your parts, and let's get to it!


Step One

Gather the four main corner pieces and the the eight corner reinforcements. Take one corner piece and two reinforcements, then apply glue to the appropriate slots on the corners and reinforcements, and slide them together with one reinforcement on the top and another on the bottom of the corner.

Take care to make sure that the etched side of the corner faces inside and that the two reinforcements are inserted all the way, parallel with each other, and straight/level. Repeat this process for the other three corner pieces.

We recommend using a piece of tape or other gentle persuasion methods to make sure the corner maintains as close to a right angle as you can get it while you work on the other four corners. Without support the pieces can drift a little on the obtuse side, and for the purposes of this build erring on the side of acute is a bit easier to work with. In any case, we recommend working swiftly to build the other three corners.

Step Two

Once the corners are glued up, we're going to start attaching the fascia plates. Take two of the corners and one of the fascia plates, and let's get started.

Apply glue to the non-etched side of the fascia, and slot it in to one of the corner blocks as shown below.

Repeat for the other side of the fascia plate, and then use tape or clamps to apply pressure and hold everything in place while it all dries. Take care to make sure the tops and bottoms of the corners are aligned with the fascia.

Repeat the above process for the two remaining loose corners to create two halves of your RiserPod.

Now, using the same method, glue two two halves together with the remaining two fascia plates.

Align and secure everything while the glue dries.


While everything we've just done sets we're going to work on some of the loose bits related to the roof/floor of the riser.

Step Three

We'll start with the ceiling support rails for the roof. These rails allow the stacking of smaller ModPod units on the roof to be level and stable. Theoretically, they're optional, but we recommend them.

These pieces all slot in from the underside.

Make sure the notched area of the long rails point toward the center of the ceiling. In the completed build, the raised areas should be parallel with each other and the raised sections along the tops of the walls. This is critical to allow for smaller ModPod units to stack evenly on top.

The small support rails slot in with the notch section and raised area pointed toward the corners. These supports allow for a UniPod to lock in squarely in the middle of the roof. See the following photos for reference.

Step Four

Let's work on the removable floor hatches. Technically, you don't need to pop these out of the floor or ceiling pieces to enjoy this kit, but we made them removable to accommodate other accessories that could slot in their place.

Each hatch is made of the grate, a top, and a bottom handle.

Start by gluing the bottom handle to the grate, and then glue to top handle to both of them. Repeat until you're out of hatches.

If you chose not to remove the the grates, just glue the handles directly down to the floor/ceiling and they should stay put. Repeat for all five hatches.


We're almost done, so let's get to it!

Step Five

Lastly, we're going to install the roof support rails.

Take one rail, apply glue liberally to the inner edge, and slot it in to the two holes near the top of an arch as shown below.

Repeat for the other three rails, and then secure them in place to get a tight bond while the glue sets.

Once everything has dried, this will complete the build of your RiserPod! Drop the roof on top and insert the hatches and you're ready to play!