ModPod A02-StairPod - Assembly


These instructions are for the assembly of the A02-StairPod accessory for ModPod kits. For a basic introduction to model assembly, please see our article on that subject here.

For everyone else, please cut and sort your parts, and let's get to it!


It's important to note that the StairPod is designed to be built in either clockwise or anti-clockwise orientation regardless of the original cut of the boards. Generally, a single kit contains one CW and one ACW StairPod, but to switch either orientation, just flip the floor and wall pieces to their opposite sides. Then you can just build as normal.

Step One

Once you've chosen an orientation, you can grab the base plate and the inner and outer walls and start assembly.

Starting with the outer wall, apply glue to the appropriate edges and tabs, and insert the wall through the base.

Do the same for the inner wall. Take a second to make sure that both walls are fully inserted and that they're even across the bottom before the glue sets.

Step Two

Find the back wall plate as seen in the atrociously out-of-focus picture below and glue it down to the base plate.

It's a good idea to consider clamping or taping these joints together while the glue sets. It isn't *strictly* necessary, but it helps to ensure clean, square corners which are needed to best make use of magnets or pegs to attach this to other ModPod kits using the mounting points.

Step Three

Find the landing plate, and glue it in to place at the top of the stairs. Again, try to get the edges as flush as you can make them.

Step Four

Now we're going to attach the fascia and hide a few crimes.

Glue the tall plate along the outside of the outer wall as seen in this photo that's even blurrier than the previous blurry photo.

Attach the wide plate to the side.

And finally glue the short plate to the inner wall piece. At the risk of repeating myself, this is another good time to check how square you are, and tape/clamp these pieces down while they dry.

Step Five

Stair time! Take note of the notched on the back end of these stairs. It's a small detail, but it's important to make sure it's oriented correctly so it can work properly with other ModPod kits.

Starting with the bottom step, apply glue, then slot the stair into the outer wall, before dropping it into the peg on the inner wall.

Repeat for the middle and top steps.

As noted above, make sure this notch is here on the top step. It isn't necessary to face the other steps, but it makes the look more consistent if you do.

At this stage we like to carefully use some tape or rubber bands to apply pressure to the walls, ensuring a solid bond with the stairs. Once it's dry, this part of the StairPod is complete!


This part is semi-optional, and is used to more gently end the StairPods or other compatible ModPod accessory kits.

Step One

Gather the base plate and the curved railing section. Apply glue to the appropriate slots on the rail, and the insert it from the underside into the base plate.

Step Two

Take the inner support, apply glue to the pegs on the ends of the curved section, and insert them into the slots on the underside of the endcap assembly.

Step Three

Glue the remaining fascia pieces to the endcap assembly as shown in the photo below. Make sure all of these parts are square and tight. If you've worked quickly enough you can make minor adjustments then tape/clamp things in place until the glue has dried.


Once everything is dried, untaped, and unclamped you'll be ready to go!

To attach the endcap to the StairPod or other ModPod accessory you'll need to use the mounting holes present on the sides of the various kits. We'll have an article soon with detailed instructions, but by default the mounting ports are designed to take two 3mm x 3mm cylindrical rare-earth magnets.

That said, you can also remove the central divider in the mounting ports and glue in one of the small square pegs that are included with most of our ModPod kits.

Of course, if you don't care about the modular aspects of the kit, you can just glue the endcap directly to the StairPod.