ModPod A01-LadderPod - Assembly


These instructions are for the assembly of the A01-LadderPod accessory for ModPod kits. For a basic introduction to model assembly, please see our article on that subject here.

For everyone else, please cut and sort your parts, and let's get to it!

Step One

Grab one main ladder piece and one of the small brackets. Apply glue to the two outermost slots on the bracket, and insert it into the notches at the top of the ladder piece from the non-etched side.

Step Two

Take one of the of the mounting plate pieces, apply glue to it, and insert it into the slots on the back of the ladder. Make sure to align the top of the ladder and the mounting plate for consistency.

And that's it! You're done, and the final ladder will look like the image you see below. Now you just have another seven to complete!