GEC-Shipping Pallet


These instructions are for the assembly of the GEC-Shipping Pallet. For a basic introduction to model assembly, please see our article on that subject here.

For everyone else, please cut and sort your parts, and let's get to it!


Technically, there's a right way to put this together, but we encourage you to do whatever you like with these parts. This build is a little fiddly since you're making an object that's very small with a lot of pieces, but for us, this is a feature, not a bug as it allows you to customize them or even use them to make whole new objects from the component bits.

For those of you that  want to get it right, break the parts into  three files by type (two and three 'nail' boards and cossbars), and let's get to work!

Step One

Take the three crossbars and three of the 'three nail' planks. Set the crossbars up with the curved sections facing up like the picture below.

Apply glue in the places shown in the following photo, and then place the three planks across the bars.

Step Two

Flip the pallet over, and gather the rest of the planks.

Starting with the last two 'three nail' planks and glue them in the place shown.

Step Three

Finally, glue in the four smaller 'two nail' planks in the central slots. And you're done. Now you can make another seven of them!


Or don't follow these rules. Or do, but leave out some of the planks. Make tiny crates of them. The point is, if you've ever seen a shipping pallet then you'll know that "perfection" is not an item on the menu. Go with your gut, and tag us with your creations so we can see what you've made!